Lorenzo Adan Ramirez of Tavares Florida claims he’s looking for bugs in women’s restroom but is acutally showing them his bird.

As far back as I can remember I don’t think I have ever walked into a women’s public restroom by accident. I’m sure it has happened to people, you got to go and you head toward the restrooms and you just run into the first one you see, I get it.  This guy says he was in the women’s restroom because he was doing some landscaping on the grounds of The Villages in Sumter County Florida, and was looking for an insect that had gotten in his clothing. It is Florida and there’s all kinds of weird ass bugs down there. The truth is he was exposing himself to women in the women’s restroom. It’s not the first time he’s in this restroom, he must really like the restroom and the women in it.

More at Daily Commercial

He shows no remorse. (my opinion)

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