Mario Condis, 60, arrested for emptying collection baskets into his pockets at Blessed Trinity Catholic Church in Ocala Florida. I wonder how long this went on before they caught him?

Who would ever think that so many crazy things go on in church, any church.  Sex scandals, adultery, money laundering are just a few of the things I’ve recently read about going on in church. But to be a volunteer as an usher and the guy who passes the collection basket around every Sunday is different.
Until he starts volunteering at more than one mass every Sunday and church officials become suspicious. He could of just loved spending his Sundays at the church seating people and helping out.
But as is the case with most churches these days it’s all about the money, were church officials suspicious because he was getting the money before they were?? We’ll never know. What I find interesting is that he was taking the money during the part of church when everyone bows their heads and closes their eyes.

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I like how the checks are on the floor.

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