Natasha West, 27, of Chicago goes berserk about Denny’s $4.00 all you can eat pancake rule.

Working as a waitress is a tough gig especially at a place like Denny’s. You have all kinds of people that come in.  Some are great, some not so great. Some tip, some don’t tip. Some complain about everything,  most do not. They understand its a Denny’s, it’s not a top notch restaurant in New York City, Paris, London etc. It’s a Denny’s!!
And then they have to deal with complete DUMBASSes like Natasha West who try to feed all their friends at the table with the $4.00 all you can eat pancake special. You know they were not going to tip if they all tried to eat the one special that was ordered. When the waitress tells her the all you can eat pancake special is only for the person who ordered it, she then has to endure DUMBASS  Natasha West swearing at her and dodging her swinging fists.

Chicago Tribune

Doing Chicago proud.

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