Robert Zammarelli of Coventry Rhode Island arrested for masturbating in a CVS parking lot by the same cop who arrested him for the same thing at a Walgreens parking lot.

This guy must have a thing for drug store parking lots. First he gets arrested for masturbating at a Walgreens and this time at a CVS. I assume it’s a small town because the same police officer arrested him both times. He should get time off with pay for having to see this guy naked twice in his career.
He was wearing a one-piece black leotard with his genitals fully exposed as he masturbated “feverishy” with the intensity of his movements causing the van to move, according to the police report. They also found a rock of crack that weighed 4.8 grams, along with a large quantity of women’s underwear in the van.  This guy knows how to party.

Patch for more

He should shave his back.

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