Waxahachie, Texas Fire Chief Gavin Satterfield and Assistant Chief Billy Getzendaner and 6 others sexually assault 20 year old volunteer fire fighter with a chorizo sausage in the fire house.

Being a fireman can be a cool job.  You have down time unless you live in a big city but if its Waxahachie, Texas probably a lot of down time. The chicks think your cool and they love the uniform. You joke around with each other maybe even have some lame initiation thing go on. But when things are so slow you think it would be fun to sexually assault your colleague with a chorizo sausage? You have way too much time on your hands people.

More at NYdailynews

Pillars of the community, who don’t look like fire fighters in my opinion.

An Ellis County grand jury indicted (top left-right) Billy Getzendaner, Gavin Satterfield, Brittany Parte, Preston Peyrot. (bottom left-right) Alec Miller, Blake Tucker, Casey Stafford, Keith Wisakowsky in September in the sexual assault case.

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