William Kyle Rossignol, 30, of Gainesville Floirda walks into Gaineville Police Department, steals an iPad and walks out. It’s not a Wal-Mart, it’s Police Headquarters!!

Nowadays we all know there are cameras everywhere. They are in stores, street intersections, buildings, homes etc. So why would you think there would not be any cameras inside a police department headquarters? I know most crooks/criminals are not the brightest of the bunch and this is the quintessential example.  William Kyle Rossignol, 30, of Gainesville went into the Hall of Heroes, stole a  iPad and left the building. Did you even think to look up and see if there were any cameras? I guess not because he was identified as the guy off the videotape.

Gainesville.com for more

Teardrop tattoo under his left eye?

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