60 year old Pastor Thom Miller of Mansfield, Ohio, gets his wife Belinda Miller approval to marry his 19 year old pregnant girlfriend Reba Kerfootruba whom he met at church. Polygamy Ohio!!

Imagine going to your wife of 7 years and suggesting finding another woman for you to marry while staying married to your current wife.  It would be an ugly situation as she proceeds to curse at you, throw anything she can grab at you, bite, hit and kick you, throw you out of the house etc.
Well, as long as your a pastor/preacher you can do anything because this guys current wife has no problem with him marrying his pregnant 19 year old girlfriend whom he met at church, naturally. Now he’s fighting the state of Ohio to recognize polygamy. As usual religious guy breaks the law and is convinced his way is the right way.

He looks thrilled.

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