Anthony Fennick, 20, of Palm Coast Florida thanks police for coming out to his neighborhood. Then begins to throw potatoes, eggs and fruit at officers.

I remember as a kid throwing eggs at cars, putting toilet paper all over someones trees in their front yard, soaping up car windows and of course throwing snowballs in the winter. Not a big deal. However, I know for sure we never threw potatoes or fruit at anyone, especially not the police.
This guy actually goes outside to see what’s going on and thanks the police for coming out. He then goes inside his home and breaks out a sack of potatoes and starts to throw eggs, potatoes and fruit at the officers. It’s hard enough being a police officer these days and to have to deal with a DUMBASS like this is just another indignity they are forced to accept.

News 4 Jax for more

His profile casts quite the shadow.

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