Aswinder “Aswin” Suri a realtor in Volusia County, Florida, drunkenly wanders into neighbors home at 4:30 am and then cries about it at the Ponce Inlet, Florida police station

Real estate agents all think the same way. They know about prices, neighborhoods, homes etc and are always trying to talk to people about these things. Some have been in so many homes, they think everyone knows them and they are able to go through any home they want, because they are the experts. A Ponce Inlet, Florida, real estate agent entered a home at 4:30 am and was quickly subdued by the people in the residence. Once at the police station, this drunken DUMBASS was placed in a glass holding cell, where he began pounding on the glass and cursing at the police officers. All this went on after he cried and told them he loved them and they were all family.

More at News Journal

This realtor needs a shave.

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