Burglary suspect hides from police in Brevard County, Florida, in a lake. Is attacked by an 11 foot alligator. The only water you jump into in Florida is the ocean, a pool or a bathtub.

When you live in Florida there are all kinds of strange things living down there. No, I’m not talking about the people, that is a completely different story. Beacause of the climate, there’s all kinds of wildlife you don’t find in the rest of the country. Lizards, iguanas, snakes, insects and all the other crazy things that live out in the everglades. The most famous of them all, the alligator. They seem to be everywhere, golf courses, backyards, and all the little lakes, ponds and canals that are scattered around the state. You never just get in a pond, lake or canal because you don’t know if the gators are there. This guy, Matthew Riggins, calls his girlfriend to tell her he will be in the Barefoot Bay area of Brevard County, Florida, (nice he keeps her informed on his activities) to commit some robberies. The police respond to a call by neighbors that 2 guys in black are walking around the back of some houses and he jumps in a lake to hide from the police and the K-9’s. He’s reported missing later that day.

Details at Florida Today

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