Charles Morris, 911 dispatcher for Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, leaves emergency callers on hold, while he plays video games. He’s no teenager, he’s 52 years old. Our tax dollars at work.

Teenagers today love to play video games and play with their smartphones, I hope it does not lead to them forsaking their jobs in order to play video games, especially if it’s a important job. This 52 year old DUMBASS, who apparently thinks he’s still a teenager, left people on hold as a 911 dispatcher because he was so into the game he was playing. Palm Beach County Sheriffs’s Office, Communications Officer, Charles M. Morris left some poor bastard on hold for 40 minutes during a hit and run and another on hold for 9 minutes who was calling about a shooting. Supervisors have complained that as a training officer, Morris would watch television instead of giving attention to his trainees. Our tax dollars at work.

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