Chinese woman arrested for stealing life vest from Cathay Pacific plane in Hong Kong. She thought it was a souvenir.

What is it with people that feel they can take whatever is not nailed down. People go to hotels and steal the towels, the robes, the soap etc. If you need a towel just buy one, by stealing the towels the rates are going to go up because the hotel has to pay for new towels to replace the ones you stole.
This lady gets on a plane and decides to take the life vest and pack it in her luggage. Is she going swimming later and is she going to use the life vest to just float around in? Or just think if something happened on the next flight and some poor bastard who’s sitting in the seat she sat in reaches for the life vest and is left empty handed.  She claims if she did not use it on her flight she was free to take it home with her as a souvenir.

Hong Kong Free Press for more

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