David Koraca of Boston poses as a lawyer that went to Harvard University and does what lawyers usually do. Takes peoples money for doing nothing.

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to be a fireman, school teacher, army man etc. and then you grow up and realize while those are noble professions you will likely always be broke. So you become something that pays a lot better. Maybe a doctor, or an accountant or a lawyer for instance. I don’t remember anyone wanting to be a lawyer when we were kids. When you get older, sometimes you start thinking about what you should have become. This guy apparently realized that lawyers usually make a lot of money and he decided to become one. One problem, he’s not a lawyer, he just says he is. Says he went to Harvard, worked at HBO, worked at Universal, worked for Playboy. The thing is,  you and I can also say the same, we just don’t because were adults!!

Boston.com for more

He sure looks like a lawyer.

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