Eryn Rice of Deltona, Florida, runs from police, breaks into elderly couples home, puts on old mans pajamas and now the wife thinks he’s having an affair with a 22 year old.

People will do anything to get away from the police. This 22 year old was getting arrested for shoplifting from a CVS when she pushed the police officer down to the ground and obviously outran him as she was able to get away. She then broke into the home of an elderly couple, where she took a shower, washed her clothes, put on the husbands pajamas and took a nap in the guest room. When the wife wakes up she sees the young girl in her husbands pajamas and as usual, immediately thinks her geriatric husband is having an affair. The old man comes home to tell his wife he has never seen the girl before and swears he’s not having an affair with the 22 year old. No Kidding.

More at WFTV


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