Jacqueline Patrick and daughter Katherine Patrick try to kill husband and father Douglas Patrick of Gipsy Hill, UK with anti-freeze. Busted because of her rotten spelling.

When you are married for 30 years I would think things get predictable. You may even be tired of your spouse and what you think are their weird habits. Who knows what they may think of you. After so many years some people just stay married because it’s easier than a divorce. Some argue every day for the next 30 years. Some want a divorce and a few try to kill each other. Trying to kill your spouse never ends well, we’ve all seen it on the news. However, when mother and daughter team up to kill dad, that says alot about dad.        Kill him? Why? Just divorce the guy.
Poor dad survived a previous attempt on his life by his loving wife. Why did he not divorce her??
This time they try to poison him slowly by spiking his drinks with anti-freeze. How did mom get busted? Because she can’t spell.

The Guardian for more

Douglas – 2

Jacqueline – 0

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