Karol Andino of North Bergen, New Jersey is so drunk, she tells the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey Police officers at the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City, New Jersey, she’s looking for New Jersey.

Drunk driving is never a good thing. However, if you are driving and you are so drunk you don’t know what state you’re in, that is ridiculous. When you blow a .25 and the state legal limit is .08 that is ridiculous. When you get out of the car and you ask the police what state you are in, that is ridiculous. This entire story is ridiculous. Karol Andino of North Bergen, New Jersey is so drunk she stops her car at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel which is in Jersey City, New Jersey. This is one of the tunnels that connect to New Jersey to Manhattan, New York. She then tells the Port Authority Police of NY/NJ that she is looking for New Jersey. They tell her she’s in New Jersey but she keeps saying she’s looking for New Jersey and they decide it’s time for her to get her picture taken.

More at US News

This picture is ridiculous.

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