Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, Sergeant, John Sluth, leaves 8 guns laying in a room unsecured, goes on vacation, leaves teenage son in charge of house. Teen throws a party, guns go missing and he’s surprised?

When people talk about guns, one of the things they always talk about is keeping them in a safe secure place. They always emphasize this if there are children in the house. You would think that a Sergeant in a County Sheriffs office would think the same way, apparently not. John Sluth, a 23-year veteran and his wife embarked on a Caribbean cruise last week and left their teenage son in charge of the house, leaving the guns unsecured just laying in some room. The son does what teens do when mom and dad are not around, surprise, he throws a party and the house is quickly overrun by teenagers and the 8 guns are gone.What a cop!!

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That’s John on the right.

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