Samantha Lockhart of Akron, Ohio, quits her county job and then trashes the place a few days later.

Getting fired sucks and you’re usually angry about it for a few days. But, what if you quit your job? Why would you be angry, you’re getting out, you don’t have to deal with the people at that place you just resigned from. However why would anyone quit a government job? You get great benefits,  all holidays off and you practically never get fired. Have you been to the DMV? Okay, so this DUMBASS resigns from her job at the Summit County Fiscal Office in Akron, Ohio and a few days after her resgnation she smashed her supervisors family photos, covered the floor with toilet paper, dumped glitter and baby powder, and sprayed Silly String around the room. She also destroyed  two desktop computers, a scanner, printer, personal photos, office carpet and sweaters that the supervisor left at her desk.

Daily Mail for more

She sure looks proud of herself.

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