Tanisha Gilyard goes to Burger King in Fort Myers, Florida, and threatens to come back and shoot up the place because her order at the drive-thru window was wrong.

How many times have you gone to the drive-thru window at a fast food establishment and drove away with a messed up order? I know I have a handful of times. Whose fault is it? The poor person taking the order who is getting paid minimum wage and could not give a shit about your order? The crappy microphone, where you can only hear every other word being said? Yourself, who changes the order a few times before finally settling on it? Who knows. DUMBASS Tarnisha Gilyard was so enraged, she went inside with a metal baton and started screaming, cursing, banging the baton on the counter as she threatened to come back and shoot the employees because her order was wrong.

More at Palm Beach Post

She looks like a fast food worker. (my opinion)

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