Topeka, Kansas politician Jonathan Robert Schumm and his wife Allison Nicole Schumm adopt 12 kids and get arrested for abusing most of them.

Politicians, pastors, preachers. We here at DUMBASS DAILY always have a few stories or more a week  on these so called leaders. Adopting children is a noble thing to do. You are giving a poor child a new lease on life, you are giving them hope, you are giving them a brighter future. Treating them as if they were your own is how you are supposed to take care of them. So this politician and his wife adopt 10 kids and foster 2 and what do you think they do?  They treat the kids so badly that The Kansas Department of Children and Families (DCF) ask the Topeka Police Department to aid them in their investigation about physical abuse against the children.

Fox 29 for more

They’re creepy looking.

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