Another black eye for the Secret Service. A Secret Service agent’s gun, handcuffs, badge, ID access card, radio and thumb drive were stolen from his car near the White House on Monday. Not what they used to be.

What the hell is going on with the Secret Service. Are they currently hiring anybody that applies? You never used to hear a word about the agency, but lately they are all over the news with numerous black eyes for the agency. The agency has weathered a lengthy list of problems during the past few years, including a prostitution scandal in Columbia, a drinking and driving incident, and a high-profile security lapse when a man jumped the fence surrounding the complex and ran into the White House armed with a knife. Earlier this month, an officer was indicted for allegedly trying to “sext” with someone he thought was a teenager, but was actually an undercover officer.
Now this DUMBASS leaves his badge, his ID, his gun, his radio and his handcuffs in his car and is surprised that they are not there when he comes back.

More at NY Post

You guys see my gun, badge or Id anywhere?

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