Disgruntled, ex-employee, Jimmy Pierre returns to Outback Steak House in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, and holds up the guy he worked for with a water pistol.

If you are going to rob a place that you used to work at and everyone there knows you how would you do it?  I,  first of all wouldn’t do it. If I had to, I would certainly not rob my former employer, I would have friends there and people would recognize me. If I did, I would certainly where a mask of some kind along with a wig to try and throw them off. This DUMBASS, Jimmy Pierre goes to the Outback Steak House in Royal Palm  Beach, Florida, and knocks on the door and the manager, who knows him, lets him in. Jimmy pulls out a gun and holds it to the managers head, only problem is, it’s a water pistol.

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