Dumbass Timothy Ortiz, of Palencia, Florida, gets fired from Burger King and is so angry about it, he sets his uniform on fire next to the restaurants gas line.

Getting fired always sucks. No matter where you work, it’s always a bad feeling when you get fired. Sometimes, getting fired is a good thing. Even if it’s from a fast food place, you could probably find a better job. Unless you’re Timothy Ortiz, in Palencia, Florida, who was so angry that he lit his Burger King uniform on fire outside the restaurant. The problem is he lit it on fire next to a gas line that runs into the restaurant. St. Johns County Sheriff’s officer finds Ortiz at his home, Ortiz is still so angry about the situration he gets aggressive with the cop, and tries to run away, from his own home, by the way. He gets tasered for his efforts.

More at Action News Jax

He must really love the fast food business.

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