German burglars break into supermarket, can’t open safe, steal all the cigarettes and they are home free. One DUMBASS had to have a bite of sausage in butcher section and DNA matches up in database. He’s done!

If you are going to commit a robbery,  I would think you want to get in and out as quickly as possible. You don’t want to touch anything you’re not interested in taking with you. The last thing on my mind would be getting something to eat. Some burglars in Germany broke into a supermarket and could not get the safe open, so they stole euros and euros worth of cigarettes. As they were leaving one stopped off in the butcher’s section and decided he needed to take a bite out of sausage. He did not even eat the whole thing or take it with him. He just took a few bites and left it there. DNA off sausage matches DNA in database and he’s now well done. ( could not resist)

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