Lecanto, Florida, woman high on meth, cruises through Wal-Mart on motorized shopping cart as she drinks a bottle of wine, eats sushi, muffins, cinnamon rolls and finishes off a rotisserie chicken. Oh and she has no money.

We all know that getting high usually makes you hungry. Getting high on meth, I don’t know if you get hungry or not. This Josseleen Elida Lopez, 25, of Lecanto, Florida was arrested for allegedly getting high on meth, riding a motorized shopping cart through Wal Mart, drinking a bottle of wine, eating a roll of sushi, mini muffins, cinnamon rolls  and topped it off with an entire rotisserie chicken.
She said she wanted to eat everything in the store and not take any of it outside.

More at NY Daily News

She looks 5, not 25.

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