Mother of the New Year, Jennifer Cael, of Daytona Beach, Florida, gives away her kid to strangers. Police find her naked and drunk in sugar daddy’s apartment and then she assaults the cops and pisses all over them.

The Daytona Beach Police Department says it all started when a security guard at the Windsor Apartment complex called for help saying that a resident had given her child to some strangers. The police show up and can’t find the mother, 34 year old, Jennifer Cael, until neighbors direct them to her 72 year old sugar daddy’s apartment. After several minutes of knocking on the door, a naked and drunk Gael, finally opened the door. When police question the sugar daddy, who is still in his underwear, he says he doesn’t know who she is. A struggle ensues with Cael and the police and she punches one cop in the face and then pisses all over the other.

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She appears to be in a trance.

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