Victor Almanza-Martinez, 18, of Castroville, California, robs 4 people then exchanges snapchat info with 1 of the female victims and poses for a selfie. Hasta la vista Victor!

This story is quite strange I think. DUMBASS, Victor Almanza Martinez and his friends rob 4 people of all their belongings, including a car. Before taking off with their ill gotten goods, he stops and exchanges snapchat information with one of the female victims and then they both pose for a selfie.
Was he going to tell people the girl in the selfie with him is his girlfriend? Who knows what this DUMBASS was thinking let alone the female victim in this case. Anyway DUMBASS Martinez selfie goes up on his snapchat and down goes Martinez.

More at FOX 59

He looks dimwitted. (my opinion)

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