Mother of the new year Amanda Eggert and her boyfriend Jason Roth, are so drunk, they have her 9 year old daughter drive them home, with an 11 month old strapped in a car seat. All this in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin.

How low or drunk can you be that you authorize your 9 year old to drive your pickup truck?

Deputy Jeff Hahn told the court he was stunned when he realized driver was nine years old and that the couple’s 11-month-old baby was strapped into a car seat.

“As the nine-year-old exited the truck, it was still running and in drive when Mr. Roth was sitting in the truck by himself,” Hahn testified in court. “He turned the ignition off and the truck began rolling backwards down the hill towards the river. I jumped into the truck to hit the brakes and put the truck in park.”
More at Fox 29

It looks like they could use a shower.

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