Over the last decade in Florida, over 260 snakes, monkeys, lions, tigers, bears and other captive animals have escaped their enclosures at zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, and private homes, including pythons and venomous cobras

Only in Florida
More than half of those primate escapes coincidentally occurred in 2008:
Since 2006, Florida Wildlife Commission has investigated at least 45 snake escapes.
Of those, 19 involved Burmese pythons, the single-most reported escaped species over the past decade.
In December 2015, airboat passengers on the St. Johns River spotted a 9-foot green anaconda lying under the State Road 50 bridge near Christmas.  When the invasive snake attempted to escape into the water, an FWC officer shot and killed it. State wildlife officials believe the snake may have been someone’s illegally-owned pet.

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