Costumed lawyer who calls himself “Excuseman” indicted for stealing more than $1 million dollars from clients in Chicago, Illinois. Jordan Margolis is going to come up with a lot of excuses we’re betting.

“Drink more than you should have? Spend more than you should have? Excuseman is here for all occasions. … I can get you out of any jam you want.”
But now it is Excuseman who is in a bad jam. Last week, Cook County prosecutors indicted Margolis, 61, on charges he stole more than $1.1 million from nearly a dozen clients — in part to pay expenses connected to Excuseman. The indictment charged him with 36 felony counts of theft, theft by deception, misappropriation of financial institution property, continuing a financial crimes enterprise aand forgery, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Joel Bruckman.

More at Chicago Tribune

As if lawyers are not ridiculous enough.

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