Florida anti drunk driving lawyer arrested for what else? Drunk driving! David J. Maloney, says “If you drink and you drive and you hurt someone, don’t call me. I’m not gonna represent you, I’m not gonna help you. If anything, I’m gonna be the lawyer going after you.” Hopefully a lawyer’s going to go after this hypocrite!

A Florida personal injury attorney, popular for his anti-DUI commercials, was arrested for driving under the influence early this morning, local station WEAR reported.
Escambia County, Florida, sheriff’s deputies pulled over a Lamborghini around 2 a.m. Sunday morning after observing the car speeding along a Pensacola Beach road.
The Lamborghini’s driver was David J. Maloney, a 49-year-old attorney that serves the Gulf Coast area.

More at AL.com

Mugshots always humble them.

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