Burglars, Jose Gonzalez and Michael Eller break into bike store in Orlando, Florida. Store owner Robert Antley is waiting for them with a gun and beats and forces them to strip to their underwear.

According to the arrest affidavit, Jose Gonzalez, 27, and Michael Eller, 28, admitted to deputies that they broke into the Gas bikes shop on North Orange Blossom Trail.  Once inside, shop owner Robert Antley,  was waiting for them with a gun.  But instead of calling 911 to report the break-in, Eller and Gonzalez told deputies, Antley allegedly made the two men strip down to their underwear and face a wall.  Eller and Gonzalez said they were then led to a bathroom in the back of the store where they were beaten for more than an hour.

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Who breaks into a store and then get there asses kicked?


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