Atlantic City, New Jersey, couple alters toll booth baskets. Angela Freeman-Poles, 54, and Aljah Reaves, 57, go back to get the coins but forget about surveillance cameras.

Police say two Atlantic City residents stuffed toll baskets on the Atlantic City Expressway with material to keep coins from going in, then returned later to steal the money that accumulated.  Investigators obtained surveillance footage which showed a man and woman, later identified as Freeman-Poles and Reaves, exiting a vehicle at the toll plaza. Police said in a statement that the pair stuffed some type of material into the toll basket, which prevented the coins thrown in by motorists from going into the basket. Once enough coins had collected on top of the material, the couple returned and removed the money, and also allegedly stole coins that had fallen on the ground near the toll baskets, police said.

More at Press of Atlantic City


Cameras are everywhere.



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