Drunk DUMBASS husband, Joseph Michael Pernal, causes a domestic disturbance, pisses all over himself, because he’s not happy who his wife voted for in Vero Beach, Florida.

The election was over a week ago.

Police were called to the 1400 block of 21st Street in Vero Beach about a man causing a disturbance with his wife and neighbors because he wasn’t happy with who she voted for. Lynn Pernal told officers that her husband, Joseph Michael Pernal, 30, cornered her in the house and was acting aggressively “because he was not happy with who she voted for,” according to the report.  Police met with Mr. Pernal and immediately detected a strong odor of alcohol about his person. Mr. Pernal also had a hard time standing, talking and walking.  As officers spoke to Mr. Pernal, they could tell he already urinated on himself.

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Is he wearing a shower curtain.


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