Mother of 4, Danielle Miller, forces her boyfriend’s 4 year old son to eat laxatives, hot sauce, ties up his legs, locks him in a closet and verbally abuses him, in Quarryville, Pennsylvannia.

Now that’s love.

Danielle Miller, 31, is charged with eight felonies — five counts of aggravated assault and one count each of endangering a child, false imprisonment and unlawful restraint — for allegedly abusing the boy over a four-month period, the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office said.  Her boyfriend, Nathan Duke, 30, the boy’s father, was charged with two felonies — endangerment and conspiracy to commit aggravated assault — for allegedly concealing the abuse and not reporting it to authorities.  She forced her boyfriend’s 4-year-old son to eat laxatives and hot sauce, tying up his legs, locking him in a closet and verbally abusing him, authorities said.

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