2 DUMBASSES from St. Augustine, Florida, have an argument online and decide to settle it with a shootout in the parking lot of the King Food Mart. Neither one of them made it out alive.

Canyon Charles Molitor, 25, and Elroi Ishmael Ashley, 30,  were engaged in an argument online and had agreed to meet at the store.   Detectives said once the men were face to face, they quickly began a verbal argument, which led to the men brandishing handguns and firing, while other uninvolved patrons entered and exited the store. Police said they found Canyon Charles Molitor, 25, dead at the scene from multiple gunshots. The other shooter, Elroi Ishmael Ashley, 30, of St. Augustine, was taken to Flagler Hospital in a private vehicle, where he died from at least one gunshot.

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canyon molitor elroi ashley

What can you say.

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