Daniel Marchese, of Highland Park, Pennsylvania, is arrested for drunk driving, while wearing pink lingerie and playing with himself. The car he was driving was also stolen.

Police have charged a man with drunken driving and fighting with the officers who allegedly found him semi-conscious behind the wheel of a car while wearing pink lingerie. Investigators say 51-year-Daniel Marchese, of Highland Park, was also exposing himself when University of Pittsburgh campus police arrived to find him in the running car. They say he was going in and out of consciousness in the car, they found an open bottle of whiskey and two guns in the car, and that Marchese kicked, yelled expletives at officers and threatened them saying, “Just wait ’til I get my AK” – referring to an assault rifle.

“The man was in his car, like pleasuring himself, with a bottle of Jack Daniels on top of the car.”

More at Pittsburgh CBS

daniel marchese

He must be great at parties.


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