DUMBASS girls think 42-year-old Gordon Douglas Chalmers, is Justin Bieber. They skype with him and meet him for sex and they can’t tell the difference. He’s atually a law professor in Brisbane, Australia.

Among the victims of the sickening scam are reportedly 50 American, 20 British, and six Australian children who sent nude photos of themselves and, in several cases, managed to meet the perpetrator, who pretended to be the Beeb, for sexual encounters or photo sessions.  His impersonator, a 42-year-old law professor named Gordon Douglas Chalmers, Australian media outlets report, has just been charged with 931 child-sex offenses, including rape, assault, and soliciting pedophilic pornography from 157 fans in the name of the pop star.

More at The Daily Beast

gordon douglas chalmers

I can see the resemblance.


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