Drunken, Bryan E. Hewey-Garcia, of Lake Worth, Florida, drives his car through the Fence at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida. Presidents plane, Air Force One is parked nearby and so is the secret service, so he calls in a fake car jacking report.

A suburban Lake Worth man charged with driving drunk appeared to have picked the wrong time to drive his vehicle through a fence near Palm Beach International Airport.

It was early Sunday, and Air Force One was parked on the other side of PBIA, and pretty soon the crash had brought in not just Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies but also the Secret Service, frantically searching for a possible threat to the President of the United States — a threat authorities soon determined didn’t exist, according to a report. Bryan E. Hewey-Garcia, 24, fled the crash site, then called in a fake carjacking, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s alleges.

More at Palm Beach Post

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