DUMBASS, Kelly Zeitler, shows up drunk to pick her kids up from school. Loads 8 kids into the car and stops at the Publix supermarket in Seminole, Florida, to buy more beer so she can continue to drink and drive.

The child reportedly told Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputies that the vehicle smelled like alcohol, and Zeitler’s speech was slurred.  She allegedly drove to a Publix supermarket and opened a 16-ounce can of beer after leaving the store, according to Bay News 9. The child told deputies his mother almost hit a car while in the parking lot, but he screamed at his mom to stop.  Deputies caught up to Zeitler when she drove home, where she was arrested, according to Bay News 9. Zeitler was charged with eight counts of neglect of a child rather than DUI because she was not caught driving, Bay News 9 reports. The eight charges stem from reports that she had all eight of her children in the vehicle at the time of the alleged incident.

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Kelly Zeitler

She looks sleepy.


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