Chef, Douglas Goldsberry, of Elkhorn, Nebraska, hires escorts to strip on his neighbors porch numerous times, because……..

This is actually a pretty funny idea, but when you don’t pay the girls they will make you pay one way or another.

The visits from the strippers occurred at least 75 times.  The neighbors, a couple in their 30s with sons ages 3 and 1, said the stripper visits began about a month after they moved into their house.  Sometimes they were alerted to the visitors by a kick on their door or their doorbell ringing. Sometimes pimps peered into their windows. Sometimes the women became upset because they expected someone at the house to pay them.

The neighbor’s wife called authorities in March, when strippers appeared at the house eight days that month. Deputies conducted surveillance on two nights in late March. On one of the nights they watched as two women exposed their breasts. Deputies interviewed the women, learning that they were hired through Backpage, a classified advertising website that features ads for escorts.

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He don’t look like a chef.



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