Megan Sloan used to be a hot teacher at Holmes Park Elementary School in Sapulpa, Oklahoma until she got mixed up with heroin. She then began stealing field trip money and school property to fuel her addiction and the result is not so pretty.

She is a good reason to stay away from heavy drug usage.

Police say Sloan told them she believed she had two “Xanax footballs” in her purse in her classroom. When they checked her purse, police found multiple syringes — some with exposed needles and one with heroin in it. Police also found .4 grams of methamphetamine in Sloan’s purse, according to documents.  Sloan later told police that she pawned two school-owned iPads to a pawn shop in Broken Arrow. She also said she previously stole $125 in “field trip money” from her class, according to court documents.

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megan sloan

What a waste.

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