Another politician shows his true colors. Oklahoma, State Sen. Bryce Marlatt, (R), a married father of 4, allegedly grabs his female Uber driver and sexually assaults her as she’s driving him to a hotel in Oklahoma City at 10 pm.

Why is he going to a hotel at 10 pm, shouldn’t he be home with his family?

Oklahoma State Senator Bryce Marlatt is being accused of sexually assaulting an Uber driver. The unnamed driver alleges the Republican lawmaker forcefully grabbed and kissed her while she was driving him to a hotel in Oklahoma City last week.

Marlatt has served Oklahoma’s 27th District in the State Senate since 2008. His time has not been without scandals—in 2015, he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor after he was found drunk and asleep in his running pickup truck. When the sheriff who found him asked if he’d been drinking, he said, “no more than anyone else.”

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More politicians should have there mugshots taken.


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