Brett Ryan, of Toronto, Canada, decides it’s easier to kill his mother and his 2 brothers, than tell his fiancee he’s unemployed. Lets face it nobody likes to hear the truth.

3 murders.  I wonder why he thought that would be easier than telling the truth?  Cleaning up the blood and disposing of the bodies sounds like a lot of work!

A Toronto man admitted to killing his mother and two of his brothers with a crossbow out of fear of losing his fiancée three weeks before their wedding.

He believed his fiancée would call off the wedding if she found out that he lost his job because of his past criminal record.  Ryan was arrested in 2008 in relation to 14 bank robberies committed throughout Toronto and Durham Region, according to CP24 Go.
At the time he wore a fake beard as a disguise and was called the ‘fake beard bandit’ by officials.  In 2009, he pleaded guilty to committing eight of the bank robberies and was sentenced to five years in prison.

More at Daily Mail

brett ryan

His left eye looks lazy.


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