California, Bay Area, Instagram model, Brissa Dominguez-Garcia is arrested for walking around the Edge Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, without clothes on. That’s our second story in the last week about someone with no clothes at the Edge Hotel.

An Instagram model was arrested in Clearwater after attacking an officer who was attempting to arrest her for allegedly trespassing at a hotel, all while she was naked.

An officer handed her a towel to cover herself. She took the towel and used it to strike the officer in the face by swinging it in a whipping motion. Upon her arrest, she intentionally kicked several officers.

According to police, she kicked the officer who gave her the towel as he stood in front of her. She also “mule kicked” the officer when he was behind her attempting to arrest her. While handcuffed she intentionally kicked three officers total.

More at ABC Action News

brissa dominguez garcia

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