Chase Campbell, a DUMBASS, 25-year-old man from British Columbia, jumps his SUV onto a ferry in Langdale, British Columbia, Canada. After he gets off the boat he tries stealing 2 cars that belong to dock employees.

According to a report from the Sunshine Coast RCMP, at around 1:30 am, Campbell drove his SUV through a locked gate at the closed BC Ferries Langdale Terminal. He then proceeded up the upper deck loading ramp, smashing his way through several more barriers and locked gates. Campbell then launched his SUV off the loading ramp and onto the upper car deck of the ferry.  The end result of the jump was his Blazer landing nose-down on the upper car deck. Campbell was surprisingly not injured in the crash. For most people, this crash would put an end to the shenanigans. But Campbell, apparently, is not most people. After crash landing on the ferry, Campbell returned to dry land where he attempted to steal two cars belonging to dock employees. Campbell’s live-action GTA role-playing extravaganza was then ended when police arrived and arrested him.

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Nice jump.


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