Christopher Charles Watson, a father, from Kingman, Arizona, gets mad at his 10 year old daughter and leaves her in the Mojave Desert without shoes or water. The temperature was in the mid 90’s.

Not everyone should be a parent, although anyone can be a parent.

A man was arrested and his kids are now in the custody of the Department of Child Safety after, authorities say, he allegedly left his 10-year-old daughter to fend for herself in the desert.  According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, 28-year-old Christopher Charles Watson admitted to dropping his daughter off in the desert on Saturday north of McVicar Avenue and Norrie Drive in Kingman without shoes or water. He allegedly forced her out of his truck and drove home.

Deputies said the temperature outside was over 90 degrees at the time she was walking in the desert without shoes.

More at 12 News

christopher charles watson

What a guy.  He don’t look sorry, he looks like he’s sorry he got caught.

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