This DUMBASS, Eric Chapman, of Baltimore, Maryland, is released from prison and goes back and robs the same store he went to prison for. Even better the same clerk from the first robbery was working that night.

Officers were called on Oct. 30, 2016, to the Broadway convenience store in the 500 block of S. Broadway Street on a report of attempted robbery, police said.  The suspect, who was identified as then 19-year-old Eric Chapman, of the 800 block of E. Chase Street was arrested and charged with attempted armed robbery, police said.  Chapman spent the next eight months in jail while he waited for trial. He pleaded guilty on the charge of robbery at the trial and was given a sentence of two years.

Chapman was released from jail on June 6.  Twenty days later on Monday, officers were again called to the Broadway convenience store on a report of attempted armed robbery. The same employee from the previous robbery in 2016 told police that now 20-year-old Chapman came into the store and handed him a pink note, telling him to open the cash register or he would shoot him, police said. Police said to the victim’s shock Chapman had returned to the same store after being released from prison with the intention of committing robbery.

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eric chapman

He has some deep wrinkles in his forehead.


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