DUMBASS man, arrested for driving a tractor around Omaha, Nebraska. He was arrested on suspicion of operating a vehicle during suspension, willful reckless driving, flight to avoid arrest and criminal mischief.

A 41-year-old man behind the wheel of a farm tractor was arrested early Wednesday on the west edge of Omaha after he allegedly fled from police and damaged property.  The report said the man’s Iowa driver’s license has been suspended since March 2016 for numerous driving offenses.  The man was driving a 1994, six-wheeled International tractor at the time of his arrest near 190th and Blondo Streets, the report said.

The report said police attempted to locate the owner of the tractor, but it was unregistered and it had no owner information inside the cab.

More at Omaha.com

omaha nebraska tractor

If it was unregistered and had no owner info, how do they know it wasn’t his.


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