Hot 38 year old mom, pays her 15 year old neighbor $300 per sexual encounter in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Rebecca Mcgraw, even let him drive her car and use her atm card.

Lucky kid, sex with a hot mom and she pays him for it!  Can’t get better than that.

The victim told police he met Mcgraw around spring 2016. He said she invited him in her home and “he would hang out there frequently and smoke marijuana and drink alcohol,” records show.  He said she eventually began paying him $100 to $300 per sexual encounter.

He said she gave him a debit card to withdraw money at a grocery store automated teller machine so she could pay him.  He told police of 16 incidents of sex acts, records show.

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rebecca mcgraw

rebecca mcgraw 2

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Nice payday.


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